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Three Decades of Service in South Central and Central Oklahoma

We deliver prompt and courteous service throughout Murray, Carter, Johnston and Garvin counties.

Pitmon Oil & Gas offers top-notch options for your home or business, with a responsive, professional team and the highest quality of propane and gas. If you have a question, give us a call anytime.

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Is your business looking for reliable fuel services? Pitmon Oil & Gas has bulk propane, diesel, gasoline and lubricants. Read More


If you’re looking for the best propane services or home delivery, put your trust in Pitmon Oil & Gas, We've got you covered. Read More

For home or business, your fuel needs are our priority.


When you become a Pitmon customer, you receive the best possible propane delivery and service.
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Payment Plans

Pitmon offers payment and pricing options that work for you, including our Budget Plan and our Pre-Buy Plan.
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Diesel & Gasoline

Our team Pitmon will take care of your fleet for all of your on- and off-road diesel or gasoline needs.
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Maintain smooth-running vehicles by choosing from the wide selection of lubricants from Pitmon Oil & Gas.
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Propane Delivery to Your Oklahoma Home or Business

With our convenient Automatic Delivery plan and fair pricing across the board, Pitmon Oil & Gas is the place you can rely on for all of your propane needs.

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