Businesses in Pontotoc, Garvin and Murray Counties can choose from a wide range of lubricants from Pitmon Oil & Gas

lubricantsWhether your business uses diesel, gas, propane or something else, Pitmon will keep your vehicles running smoothly with our huge selection of commercial lubricants.

If there’s a specification or a brand you need, let us know. If you have questions about which lubricant is right for you, contact us and one of our representatives can tell you what you need.

Pitmon Oil & Gas is here for you with a great selection of commercial lubricants in the following areas:

Contact Us It’s important to minimize wear and tear on your equipment, industrial machines and vehicles. Whether your company is large or small, we can meet your lubrication needs.

Pitmon is a local company, and we’re prompt and responsive. As an independent business, we understand what makes the businesses in South Central and Central Oklahoma tick, and what it takes to help them. We have spent nearly 30 years proudly practicing the highest standards in customer service.

Contact us for more information about how Pitmon Oil & Gas can help with your lubrication needs.