Pricing & Payment Options

Pitmon Oil & Gas offers a number of options to help you manage your budget and your time!

budget chartChoose between our Budget Plan and our Pre-Buy Plan to see what kind of propane pricing works best with your budget.

Budget Plan

With the Budget Plan, you have the same payment every month of the year. This continuous-startup plan runs for 12 months from whenever you start, so the earlier you sign up, the better. Enroll today and avoid the increase in your bill when winter comes.

Sign up for our Budget Plan today and get a discount of 10¢ per gallon!

Pre-Buy Plan

The Pre-Buy option is yet another way we will help improve your bottom line. You pay for your propane in advance, at a set price, and then we deliver it to you as you need it.

We’re here to help you decide on all of the options that are best for your home and your life.

Pitmon offers other plans you can choose from to make your life easier as well!

Enroll in Auto Pay, our automatic paper-saving payment option, and you’ll never miss a bill again. How you’re charged is up to you: We can bill your credit card or set up an electric funds transfer (EFT) from your bank. Either way, say goodbye to misplaced bills and late fees!

When you enroll in our Automatic Delivery program, you’ll never have to worry about run-outs. We’ll know when to come and we’ll take care of it! If you want to have more say about the timing of your propane delivery, Will-Call is another option.

Take advantage of the flexible, customer-friendly pricing and payment options from Pitmon Oil & Gas! Contact us today to get started.