You can count on Pitmon Oil & Gas for all of your home heating needs!

What we offer

With three decades of experience in serving South Central and Central Oklahoma, Pitmon knows what residents in communities like Lone Grove, Ardmore, and Sulphur need. Whether you’re looking for propane delivery or reliable installation of a propane tank, or you just have a general question, we offer the best in customer service and the highest quality products.

The right choice

We can show you all the reasons propane is the right choice for home heating, and the many ways you can use this efficient, economical fuel, which you may not already know about. You’ll save money and energy with propane appliances for indoor and outdoor use.


Making your life more convenient

We offer a number of pricing and payment options, each designed to improve your Pitmon experience. They include:

Did you know?

Most propane comes from natural gas processing, and about 90% of the propane supply in the United States is produced domestically.
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Safety is key

Propane is one of the safest ways to heat your home. Still, it’s important for you to know about the best propane safety measures to take and ways to handle unsafe situations, should they arise.

If you’re looking to become a Pitmon Oil & Gas customer or would like more information about our reliable local services, contact us today.