Enroll in Our Budget Plan!

Written on: April 18, 2022

Control your propane costs AND save money!

fuel payment options oklahomaIt hasn’t been an easy couple of months, what with energy costs taking a bigger bite out of our bank accounts.

At Pitmon Oil & Gas, we’re committed to keeping your propane prices as low as possible and helping you manage your propane costs with pricing and payment options you can choose from.

Our most popular option lately has been our Budget Plan, which not only helps you better manage your propane bills but also saves you money! Budget Plan customers get a discount of 10 cents per gallon for their propane! Want to save even more? Sign up for AutoPay and get ANOTHER 10-cents-per-gallon discount!

When they found that our Budget Plan was an efficient approach to make a bad situation easier to manage, more of our customers joined up.

How does the Budget Plan work?

First, we review your prior fuel usage. We then multiply your average annual fuel consumption by this year’s projected price for propane. That figure is divided by 12, and the final figure is your monthly payment for the next year.

Rather than spending hundreds of dollars after each propane delivery during heating season, you could save more than 50% on your winter payments!

We’ll adjust your payments as needed throughout the winter if your real propane costs are higher or lower than we estimated.

Nothing changes in terms of your propane usage. You don’t use any more propane than you normally would. Even if it’s really cold one month and you get two deliveries, you still only pay your one monthly payment.
What does change is that you make your bills more predictable and manageable at a time when prices for just about everything are fluctuating like crazy. This stability makes it easier to manage your household budget.

Consider it from this angle: Would you rather make mortgage payments for five months rather than for 12? However, many people pay for up to 80% of their annual propane supply in only four or five months. This naturally leads to significant propane bills over the winter.

There’s another great thing about the Pitmon Budget Plan: You don’t pay a cent to be in this program. Enrollment in our Budget Plan is FREE. No hidden fees, no surprises, and no finance charges even if you have a growing balance. 

Make your life easier while paying less for your propane with our Budget Plan! Go to your online Pitmon account, print out the Budget Plan agreement, sign it, and mail it to us.