Let Propane Power Your Development Site! 

Written on: April 11, 2022

Pitmon Oil can help your project succeed

bulk propane oklahomaCreating a new residential development entails more than simply constructing dwellings.

You’re juggling a lot between planning, financing, dealing with public officials and regulatory bodies, keeping an eye on your budget, and managing a large number of tradespeople on the job.

The commercial propane services from Pitmon Oil will make managing your development project easier and give you more opportunities for profit.

The Pitmon advantage

Pitmon has spent 30 years assisting builders and developers in South and Central Oklahoma. We have extensive practical expertise working with construction and development businesses similar to yours.

We can assist you with all aspects of your project. Our bulk propane delivery service fuels on-site generators, temporary heating equipment, and more. With our outstanding record of reliable, on-time delivery, you can be assured you will always have the propane you need to get work done.

We’ll work with you to get incentives from the Propane Education Research Council (PERC). For each home you create that includes propane and propane appliances, you may earn up to $1,500. 

Propane helps sell your development

In a competitive real estate market, you must provide consumers with what they want. However, while doing so, you must keep in mind your costs. Propane can help you stand out with potential buyers while keeping expenses low.

Today’s house hunters want the features that gas appliances offer, such as energy-efficient home and water heating, gas fireplaces that start with a push of a button, and precise and immediate temperature control when cooking on a gas range or cooktop.

If you are developing in a location with no nearby natural gas infrastructure, connecting to the utility’s gas lines may be prohibitively expensive. It also keeps home buyers from having the freedom to choose their gas supplier.

Even if you live near natural gas service, installing propane tanks for your neighbors’ houses is quicker, easier, and less expensive than dealing with a natural gas utility’s red tape. Pitmon can assist with all of this as well as provide low-cost propane tank leasing to your purchasers.

Propane is a fantastic upselling tool since it allows you to provide more luxurious features. A propane tankless water heater, for example, may be chosen in place of a traditional storage water heater by homebuyers. Propane pool and spa heaters can be on that list of upsell amenities. As an upsell, you may offer propane grills, outdoor fireplaces, outside lighting, and firepits connected to the home’s propane supply. You can offer peace of mind with the option propane whole-house backup generators that will keep homes safe and comfortable during power outages.

Contact Pitmon Oil to learn more about how we can help your residential building or development project succeed.