Bulk Propane Delivery for Oklahoma Businesses

Written on: May 15, 2023

Partner with Pitmon Oil & Gas for your commercial propane needs!

bulk propane Jefferson, ok A wide range of businesses here in South and Central Oklahoma rely on propane for a multitude of tasks.

That is why reliability along with cost-efficiency are so important when it comes to bulk propane delivery and service. For more than 30 years, area businesses have trusted Pitmon Oil & Gas for their bulk propane services.

At Pitmon Oil & Gas, we give our commercial propane customers personalized bulk propane delivery service tailored to their needs. We can make propane deliveries of up to 30,000 gallons at a time. Our storage facilities are ample, and we have solid, long-standing relationships with our suppliers, so you can be assured that we will always be able to provide the propane your business needs to get your work done.

Our propane pricing is fair, competitive, and transparent.

In addition to our bulk propane delivery, we also provide on-site propane tank installation and affordable tank leasing.

What businesses use bulk propane delivery?

Propane’s versatility, clean burning, and energy efficiency make it an outstanding energy source for many types of South and Central Oklahoma businesses. Here are some of its applications.

Heating – Propane offers superior heating for all kinds of commercial settings, including offices, warehouses, and more. That’s because propane heating systems are up to 98% efficient, meaning only 2 cents for every dollar you spend on propane for heating is lost in combustion.

Water heating – Propane water heaters get water hot dramatically faster than electric water heaters, with can make a big, positive difference when it comes to your energy costs, especially if your business uses a lot of hot water, such as commercial laundries and laundromats.

Temporary construction heating – Using temporary construction heating equipment, such as space heaters and ground thawing equipment, can help you to prevent the negative impact of cold winter temperatures on your construction projects. It can safeguard materials, keep your projects progressing, and provide your workers with safety and comfort while they finish the job.

Hospitality – Propane commercial clothes dryers get laundry dry 25% faster than electric models, with less wear and fewer wrinkles, helping you save on energy costs while improving housekeeping efficiency. Propane is also used in restaurants and commercial kitchens for ranges, broilers, deep fryers, water heating, grills, warming stations, outdoor deck and patio heating, firepits, and more.

Agriculture – Because propane is versatile, it can be used in a variety of farm tasks including flame weed control, crop drying, cotton gins, and forklifts.

Sand mining – Propane’s efficiency as well as stability in pricing makes it a desirable alternative to diesel fuels for several kinds of mining equipment.

Landscaping and lawn maintenance – For landscaping and lawn care businesses, using propane-powered equipment is a smart choice for the future. Propane burns cleaner, making it a safer alternative to gasoline or diesel for you and your employees. Additionally, propane equipment can last significantly longer with less maintenance, which can improve your overall profits.

Generators – Power outages can be catastrophic for businesses. A propane standby commercial generator not only keeps lights on, but HVAC running to keep critical technology like servers at a safe temperature, essential medical equipment running at hospitals and other health care facilities like nursing homes, refrigeration systems running to keep food safely cold or frozen at grocery stores, restaurants, and commercial kitchens, and more.

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