Bulk Propane for Your Business

Written on: July 21, 2021

You Can Count On Pitmon!

bulk propane supplier oklahomaPropane is become a fuel of choice for a wide range of businesses here in southern and western Oklahoma.

Businesses like the clean-burning, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of propane for everything from building heating to commercial kitchens. And with bulk propane delivery from Pitmon, they get reliable gas service without having to rely on a natural gas utility and its sketchy infrastructure.

What Businesses Use Bulk Propane?

Here are just some of the types of businesses that rely on Pitmon for their bulk propane services:

Propane is used at sand mines for equipment, generators, and more.

Retail and grocery stores, hospitals, assisted living centers, nursing homes, health care facilities, schools, and other businesses and institutions use propane in their backup generators to keep people and property safe

Residential and commercial construction projects both use propane on a daily basis for construction equipment, temporary heating, and other operations.

Tourism generates more than $9.5 billion in direct spending and supports more than 103,000 jobs in Oklahoma. Propane plays a large role in the successful operation of many hospitality-related businesses.

Hotels and resorts use a lot of propane. One of the reasons for such demand is their laundry facilities. With propane commercial clothes dryers, you can swiftly dry larger batches of linens in one go and save time. Propane dryers enable operators to wash more sheets at once which also means quicker turnaround times

Their commercial kitchens, both for restaurants and catering events, use propane gas as fuel. Propane service is available outside too: propane fireplaces and fire pits are perfect at outdoor gatherings so guests can gather around.

For restaurants all over our area, propane allows their chefs to turn out top-quality food with the precise, instant temperature control provided to propane ranges and grills.

The Pitmon Advantage

For years, Pitmon has served as a reliable source for local businesses to get bulk propane delivered. Customers know that when they need bulk propane for equipment use or construction projects, we’re the company they can trust.

You get on-site bulk propane delivery and competitive propane pricing.

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial bulk propane delivery services.