Choosing the Right Propane Tank

Written on: October 24, 2022

Pitmon Oil & Gas makes getting the right propane tank for your home easy!

propane tank options oklahoma When it comes to our propane services, Pitmon Oil & Gas does not take a one-size-fits-all approach.

That is why we provide propane delivery options including our worry-free Automatic Delivery, where we use the latest technology along with tried-and-true algorithms to accurately know when you’ll need more propane and make the delivery before you run low.

That commitment to personalized, responsive service extends to our propane tank services. We know that while you and a friend may have similar homes, that doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll both need the same size propane tank.

The right propane tank size for your home depends on several factors. These factors include how you use propane, how many propane appliances you have, and, if you use propane for whole-house heating, the size of your home.

Pitmon Oil & Gas carries the following propane tank sizes.

120-gallon tanks. This size propane tank is ideal for use with one or two small appliances like a range or fireplace. These tanks are vertical, which many customers appreciate because they are less conspicuous in their yards.

500-gallon tanks. You will need this size tank if you use propane for efficient whole-house heating. Even if you don’t use propane to heat your home, you will need this size of you have three or more propane appliances such as a water heater, range, fireplace, or clothes dryer, you’ll need a tank at least this size. You will also need this size tank for a propane whole-house backup generator, as this will contain enough propane to keep your home powered for about one week. These are horizontal tanks, which are lower to the ground and wider, so they can easily be concealed with lattices, trellis, or plants.

1,000-gallon tanks. A big tank, such as this one, is most often utilized in commercial and industrial settings. If you have a large home and use propane for high-BTU appliances such as heating, pool and spa heating, cooking, and fireplaces, this size tank may be required.

Should I buy or lease my propane tank?

While you may like the freedom that owning your own propane tank offers, that freedom also comes with a lot of financial responsibilities. You have to pay not only for the purchase of the tank and installation, but you are on the hook for all maintenance and repair costs. If you don’t properly care for your propane tank, you may not be able to get deliveries if your propane supplier deems your tank unsafe.

But when you sign up for affordable propane tank leasing with Pitmon Oil & Gas, you’re freed from all that hassle and expense! We expertly install your tank, and we will professionally handle all maintenance and repairs, so you have peace of mind that your propane tank is operating properly and safely.

Become a Pitmon Oil & Gas customer for propane delivery you can count on and the best propane tank leasing around!