Keep Your Driveway Clear For Deliveries

Written on: February 14, 2022

Make sure that Pitmon can deliver your propane

winter propane delivery oklahomaGoing outside in the cold to clear your driveway may not be appealing. But if Pitmon’s propane delivery drivers cannot safely navigate your driveway and get to your propane tank safely, we can’t deliver your propane.

Make sure your driveway is cleared to 10 feet wide for our trucks. De-icer is also helpful, as our trucks are larger and heavier than other cars using your driveway.

We recommend that you clear a path at least one foot wide between your driveway and the site of your propane tank. If you hire someone to plow and clear your driveway and pathways, make sure they leave access to your tank clear and don’t bury it by snow or block it with snowbanks.

During heavy snowfall, a tall pole topped with a bright-colored flag or big ribbon beside your tank or fill line aids us in determining where we need to go.

If you are going on vacation this winter, please make arrangements for snow and ice removal while you are gone in case we need to make a delivery while you’re away.

Our Automatic Delivery customers who will be away from home for more than a few weeks are asked to notify us. Our delivery schedule is calculated based on your previous fuel usage, so knowing you’ll be gone and won’t need as much propane may avoid a needless delivery to your home.

Protect your propane tank

After each snowfall, clear the snow off your propane tank with a broom. A shovel may harm the tank or its components. Snow should not be left on top of the tank because the weight of heavy snow might damage the connections and joints of your propane tank, causing them to break and forcing the entire container to shift. Gas leaks can occur as a result. Snow might block leaking propane from escaping, resulting in potentially dangerous gas accumulation.

Propane shrinks as temperatures drop and the snow on your tank may cause the pressure in your tank may fall low enough that the propane cannot reach your home’s gas burners. The heat of sunlight warms the propane within, maintaining adequate pressure within the tank.

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