How Do Furnaces and Boilers Compare?

Written on: October 18, 2021

What are the differences between them?

boiler or furnace oklahomaEven though a lot of people refer to their home’s heating system as “the furnace,” they may have a boiler instead.

Knowing what equipment is heating your house is crucial when looking for methods to increase your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your home heating expenses.

Let’s look at furnaces and boilers in further depth to learn what sets them apart so you can make the most of your current one.

What is a furnace?

A forced-air heating system requires a furnace. To heat air, a furnace burns gas, such as propane. That hot air is then circulated through your ductwork to heat rooms and spaces in your house via vents, also known as registers. If you have those vents or registers for your house’s heating system, you have a furnace.

A properly cared for and maintained air filter is one of the most important components in protecting your furnace and maintaining it at peak efficiency. Every month, check your air filter and replace as needed.
It’s possible that you’re forcing your heater to work harder than it has to. Obstructions like curtains and furniture can cause heated air from the registers to not circulate around the room, so it may be working unnecessarily. look around your home and remove those obstructions if you find them.

What is a boiler?

There are two basic types of boiler: hydronic (hot water) and steam. A hydronic heating system heats water with a combustion engine, then sends it through pipes to your baseboards or radiators. A steam boiler works similarly to a hydronic boiler but converts water into steam before sending it through to your radiators and baseboards.

If your baseboards aren’t getting warm, check to see if the damper is open, and make sure the bottom of the unit isn’t blocked by heavy carpeting. Check the water gauge on your boiler for steam systems. Your boiler will shut down if the water levels are too low. If the water gauge registers less than 50%, call in a service technician. When the water in the gauge appears to be rusty, clean out your steam boiler as well.

Whatever sort of heating system you have, professional maintenance on a yearly basis is required to maintain it in peak form and at its maximum efficiency.

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