Why Your Fleet Should Convert To Propane Autogas

Written on: March 22, 2021

Save Money And Improve Efficiency!

converting fleet to propane oklahomaManaging a vehicle fleet can be a challenging job.

You must stay on top of fleet fueling and track those expenses and receipts if your drivers fuel up your vehicles at a gas station. You need to manage vehicle maintenance and repairs and track the cost of those.

There is a way to make managing your fleet vehicles, and fleet fueling, more efficient and cost-effective. Convert your fleet to propane autogas!

Pitmon provides reliable, safe delivery of autogas to businesses, municipalities, and school districts all over our service area of southern and central Oklahoma.

Autogas: Good For Your Bottom Line

Converting your fleet to propane autogas is not only cost effective, you get the return on your investment from day one.

One benefit that pays in the long run is that vehicles that run on autogas have less wear, so they need less maintenance and fewer repairs than vehicles run on diesel or gasoline. Also, they last longer, which lowers your equipment costs even more!

Your business may even be eligible for a tax break for making the switch to autogas.

Fueling your fleet with autogas makes your business more efficient. All your vehicles are fueled at your on-site autogas filling station. It looks almost exactly like a gasoline or diesel pump. It’s easy to use.

Do you know what else is easy with autogas? Tracking and managing your fuel costs. Your drivers don’t have to submit receipts or use a company credit card. Your staff doesn’t have to record all those receipts or credit card statements. All your fuel costs are in your Pitmon autogas statement.

Your business also saves money because using autogas virtually eliminates fuel theft.

Autogas gives your business a leg up with customers and potential customers who value environmental friendliness.

Greener And Cleaner

Speaking of the environment, propane autogas can help your business dramatically reduce its environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Exhaust from autogas creates up to 70% fewer smog-producing hydrocarbons than gasoline or diesel. Compared to gasoline, propane yields 12% less carbon dioxide, about 20% less nitrogen oxide, and up to 60% less carbon monoxide. 

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