Electric vs. Propane Appliances

Written on: August 21, 2023

Which are right for my home?

electric appliances Marshall county, ok Energy and the choices you have for energy for your home have been in the news a great deal, covering everything from affordability to environmental impact to comfort.

In South and Central Oklahoma, a growing number of residents are exploring alternatives to traditional electricity. This surge in interest is driven by skyrocketing electric bills, unreliable service, and the repeated failures of the electrical grid. These failures have created hazardous conditions during extreme weather events. As a result, people are seeking more reliable and sustainable solutions to meet their energy needs.

Propane is rapidly gaining popularity as an alternative energy source, owing to its exceptional energy efficiency and versatility. Beyond its efficiency and versatility, propane provides unmatched comfort, security, and an enhanced quality of life in your home that electricity cannot replicate.

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Propane appliances keep money in your pocket

Propane’s remarkable energy efficiency translates into significant savings for you. Propane appliances outperform their electric counterparts in terms of energy efficiency. This means you can enjoy superior performance while keeping your energy costs in check.

As per the United States Department of Energy, making the switch from an electric water heater to a propane water heater can result in annual savings of around $174. However, if you opt for a propane tankless water heater, these savings can increase even more!

Get unrivaled comfort and convenience with propane

Propane appliances provide unparalleled comfort in numerous aspects when compared to electric appliances.

For instance, propane water heaters offer not just cost savings, but also rapid heating compared to electric water heaters. By installing a propane tankless water heater, you can enjoy an endless supply of hot water whenever you desire. Take a leisurely, steamy shower even while the dishwasher is running, without any concerns.

Choosing propane as a heating option for your home gives you unparalleled comfort on top of superior energy efficiency. This is due to the ability of propane furnaces to generate higher temperatures compared to electric heat pumps, ensuring a more comfortable living environment while minimizing how often they kick on.

By installing a propane whole-house backup generator, you can ensure uninterrupted power supply for your home. This means keeping the lights on, preserving the safe temperature of food in your fridge and freezer, maintaining the operation of your HVAC and home security system, keeping your electronics fully charged, and powering essential medical equipment like CPAPs and electric wheelchairs. With this reliable backup system in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home and its vital functions will remain powered during outages.

A propane clothes dryer dries your laundry 25% faster than an electric model of similar capacity, resulting in reduced wear and fewer wrinkles. This translates to less time spent ironing, making it a notable improvement!

Transform your space into a warm and enchanting haven effortlessly, thanks to the clean-burning propane fireplace. Experience coziness and romance at the flick of a switch.

Elevate your cooking experience with a propane range that offers unparalleled precision and instant temperature control, allowing you to unleash your inner chef.

If you have areas in your home that are not connected to your HVAC system, consider using a propane space heater to make them comfortable throughout the year. This will allow you to enjoy these spaces with ease and convenience, regardless of the season.

Transform your backyard into the ultimate entertainment hub with the power of propane. Experience the joy of relaxation, family fun, and entertaining guests like never before. With propane pool and spa heaters, you can extend your swimming season and enjoy warm water in record time – no more waiting around with electric models. Say goodbye to the hassle of propane cylinders with a built-in propane grill connected to your home’s tank, giving you the freedom to grill whenever you please. Don’t let the chill of the evening air dampen your outdoor dining experience, propane patio heaters will keep you warm and cozy. And when it’s time to unwind, gather around a propane outdoor fireplace or firepit, creating the perfect ambiance for cherished moments with loved ones.

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