Fleet Fueling Options for Your Oklahoma Business

Written on: July 17, 2023

You can count on Pitmon Oil & Gas!

fleet fuel service Jefferson, ok When it comes to managing the fueling of your on-road vehicles and off-road vehicles and equipment, you need an option that helps you keep costs down and productivity high.

That’s what you get with fleet fueling services from Pitmon Oil & Gas! We create customized fleet fueling services for businesses, farms, school districts, and municipalities so you always have the fuel you need when you need it.

How does fleet fueling work?

Fleet fueling means fueling up all the vehicles of a business fleet on location. Companies have two options: delivering fuel to an onsite filling station for employees to fill their vehicles or using wet hose fueling. Wet hose fueling is popular because our fuel delivery driver fills up the vehicles directly from the delivery truck, ensuring full fuel tanks when the workday starts.

What are the advantages of fleet fueling

Fleet fueling service from Pitmon Oil & Gas streamlines your fueling and helps you save both time and money!

Using our onsite fueling service can improve your business’s productivity. By eliminating the need to visit off-site fueling stations, your drivers can concentrate on finishing more work. You and your staff no longer need to and manage receipts and fuel card accounts, allowing you to redirect that time saved towards enhancing your operations and devising new strategies to improve and grow your business.

Choosing fleet fueling from Pitmon Oil & Gas gives you the ability to accurately track and monitor all fuel consumption in your fleet vehicles. By having this information, you can anticipate how much fuel you will need and when you will need it. This will help you manage your fuel budget more efficiently.

You also get competitive, transparent fuel pricing and aren’t at the mercy of retail gasoline and diesel filling stations unpredictable pricing.

If drivers have to refuel outside of their usual routes, it adds extra mileage to their vehicles, which can cause wear and tear. This can be costly over time, especially for a large fleet with frequent refueling needs. On-site fleet fueling options can help minimize these issues and helps vehicles last longer.

Businesses may incur significant expenses when employees abuse their fuel cards or allowances by stealing fuel. Fleet fueling can be a solution to monitor and manage fuel costs.

Get lubricants and other fluids from Pitmon as well!

Your fleet’s engines don’t only need gasoline or diesel fuel. They also need lubricants.

These commercial lubricants help reduce friction on parts, meaning they have less wear and tear, and the risk of breakdowns is reduced. Lubricants also conduct heat, reduce corrosion damage, and act as a sealant in some applications.

Pitmon Oil & Gas provides drum containers of oil and also offer lubricants in cases or buckets, in addition to Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

DEF is a solution that is both clear and non-toxic. It helps to reduce the amount of nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide, which are two greenhouse gases, that get emitted into the atmosphere by your diesel vehicle’s SCR system.

Partner with Pitmon Oil & Gas to ensure your fleet vehicles always have the fuel they need for a full day’s work. Contact us today for a consultation.