How Can Propane Be Used?

Written on: March 14, 2022

Enjoy versatility and efficiency with propane!

propane appliances oklahomaIf you have recently bought a home that uses propane and your only exposure to propane before has been for your BBQ grill, congratulations! You are going to enjoy having propane in your home.

You may know that propane can be used for home heating. With dependable propane delivery and expert propane appliance installation and service from Pitmon Oil, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of propane indoors and outside.

Read on to discover more about the amenities that you can have with propane.


A Propane heating system can’t be beaten if you want to generate heat to warm up your house. Electric heat pumps are likely to leave you chilly on cold nights, but a high-powered propane furnace or boiler will keep you and your family warm and comfy.

Water heating

Propane water heaters have a recovery rate twice as fast as electric ones, yet they are 30% less expensive to operate. When you upgrade to a tankless propane water heater, that energy savings figure can increase significantly above a conventional—and inefficient—electric water heater.


Professional chefs prefer to cook with gas, for lots of good reasons. Propane ranges, cooktops and ovens provide precise, on-a-dime temperature control that no electric one can match. Food cooks more evenly whether it’s on a burner or in the oven when you use propane. You’ll be amazed by the difference when you start cooking with propane!

Fireplaces and hearths

With propane — whether it’s a fireplace, a fireplace insert or a gas log set — you’ll get real flames, not the dull, blinking lights you get with an electric fireplace. You’ll get those flames with the push of a button, with none of the work and hassle involved with a wood fire.

Clothes drying

If you’re searching for a quick and simple way to dry your clothes, look no further than a propane clothes dryer. Propane heat is more efficient and quicker, resulting in a 50% lower operational cost than an electric dryer. Your clothes get dry 25% faster than with an electric dryer, with less wear and fewer wrinkles. How can you not love less ironing?


Keep your home safe and comfortable with a propane whole-house backup generator. They keep the lights on, the security system operating, the food in your refrigerator and freezer at a safe temperature, medical equipment running, electronics charged, and more.

Outdoor living

Head outside, and there’s a lot more propane can do than just run your grill! You’ll enjoy pool and spa heating that gets your water warm in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost, than the comparable electric pool and spa heaters. Propane deck and patio heaters let you enjoy your backyard even if there’s a nip in the air. Create a cozy gathering space with propane fire pits and outdoor fireplaces.

Pitmon Oil is the leader in South and Central Oklahoma for reliable propane delivery and prompt, courteous service. Become a customer and enjoy the benefits of propane in your home!