How To Check Your Propane Level

Written on: October 16, 2023

Have a reliable propane supply with Automatic Delivery from Pitmon Oil & Gas!

propane marshall county, ok To keep track of the propane supply for your Oklahoma home, it is essential to learn how to read the gauge on your propane tank.

Luckily, determining the level of propane in your tank is a simple and straightforward process, as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Step outside and locate the circular dial gauge on your propane tank, resembling the speedometer in your car.
  2. The dial on the propane tank displays the fill level as a percentage. For example, when the needle points to 60, it indicates that the tank is 60% full.
  3. To ensure timely delivery of propane through Will-Call, please contact us before your tank level drops to 30%. This will allow us to schedule and complete your propane delivery before your supply runs low or depletes.

At Pitmon Oil & Gas, we recognize that individuals have unique preferences when it comes to propane delivery. That’s why we provide options tailored to your needs.

We provide two convenient options: Will-Call and Automatic Delivery. Based on the benefits and considerations we’ll outline, you can choose the one that suits your home and budget best.

Automatic Delivery vs. Will-Call: Which is right for me?

Automatic Delivery - The majority of Pitmon Oil & Gas customers opt for Automatic Delivery due to its user-friendly nature and the peace of mind it brings.

Once you sign up for this FREE program, all your worries are over! No more venturing outside in any kind of weather to check your tank gauge levels. No more hassle of contacting us to schedule a propane delivery . No more concerns about forgetting to check your tank gauge and requesting a delivery, as running out of propane and needing an emergency delivery will be a thing of the past.

At Pitmon Oil & Gas, we employ cutting-edge computer software and real-time weather data to guarantee prompt propane delivery. By leveraging this information, we proactively schedule deliveries before you reach low levels, ensuring a seamless experience for you. Rest assured, we take care of the logistics so you can enjoy hassle-free service.

Will-Call Delivery - Our Will-Call delivery service provides the flexibility for customers to select their preferred time to receive their propane.
Should you opt for the Will-Call option, it is your responsibility to diligently monitor your tank level and promptly contact Pitmon Oil & Gas whenever a delivery is needed.

Neglecting to monitor the gauge levels of your propane tank can lead to unforeseen costs, such as emergency propane delivery, mandatory pressure testing of your tank, and the need for professional re-ignition of the pilots in your propane appliances.

The hassle, responsibility, and expense associated with it are the reasons why an increasing number of our customers are opting for Automatic Delivery. Its simplicity, convenience, and security make it an appealing choice.

Why isn’t my propane tank completely full after a delivery?

Did you ever observe that your propane tank is never completely filled to 100%? This is due to adhering to the best safety practices for propane.

Propane exhibits a remarkable expansion in heat, surpassing water by approximately 17 times in volume for the same temperature increase. To account for this expansion, the tank is intentionally filled with less than its total capacity, providing sufficient room for safely accommodating the increased gas volume.

Typically, above-ground tanks are filled up to 80% capacity, whereas underground tanks can accommodate a slightly higher fill level due to the insulating effect of the soil. This insulation helps safeguard the tank against drastic temperature fluctuations.

With Automatic Delivery from Pitmon Oil & Gas, you can have peace of mind about always having propane at your South or Central Oklahoma Home! Become a customer today.