What To Do If You Smell Propane

Written on: October 11, 2021

Know the facts about propane safety

propane leak oklahomaPropane has a long history of safety and is widely regarded as one of the safest fuels available. However, if you detect the distinct rotten-egg odor of propane, you must know what to do.

Cold weather propane safety tips

If the power goes out, a portable propane generator can help keep a few essential things running, like the lights and the fridge. But be smart about using them. Portable propane generators MUST be used outdoors, in an open area. Do not operate them indoors, in a garage, or in a covered or enclosed area. This also holds true for propane grills and outdoor deck and patio heaters.

Propane gas ranges should never be used for home heating. Running a propane range for the time it takes to heat your home can lead to a dangerous and potentially fatal buildup of carbon monoxide in your home.

We are coming up on the time to change the batteries in our smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. A reminder: CO detectors must be replaced every five years. Also, carbon monoxide detectors do not detect propane leaks. Install propane detectors near the floor close by propane appliances such as your heating system, range, or water heater, and outside all sleeping areas.

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