Time To Check Your Home’s Propane Tank

Written on: May 24, 2021

Make Sure Your Tank Is Operating Safely

propane tank checklist oklahoma

With good weather now in Oklahoma, it’s an ideal opportunity to give your home’s propane tank a good inspection.

Rain, wind, dust, and dirt can age your propane tank and affect its operation. To protect your home and your propane supply, your tank should be inspected annually.

That’s one of the advantages of affordable propane tank leasing from Pitmon: Maintenance and repairs are included! You don’t have upfront purchase costs, or long-term service and repair costs.

If your current propane tank is showing its years, or are looking for a larger tank to accommodate more propane appliances, now is the time to switch to a new, safe leased propane tank from Pitmon!

Inspect Your Propane Tank

Carefully check the propane tank for signs of rust, which can cause big trouble for your tank. Rust, left untreated, can corrode your tank and cause a leak. Not only is that dangerous, but if water gets in the tank from that corroded spot, the propane will be contaminated and unusable.

As you can see, the problems rust can cause are not only dangerous but expensive. If you see any rust, deal with it now. If you lease your tank from Pitmon you don’t have to do anything other than contact us and we’ll take care of it.

If you own your tank and aren’t sure how deep the rust goes, contact us and we’ll come inspect your tank. If the rust just on the surface, use a wire brush to gently remove as much of the rust as possible. Use a metal-rated, rust-blocking primer on top of the spot, then paint, applying two coats.

You may decide this is a good time to repaint your entire tank if you own it. Your propane tank must be painted white, beige, or a similar very light color. This is because propane expands a great deal in heat. If it gets too hot inside the tank, the propane can expand to dangerous levels. Light colors reflect heat. Dark colors absorb heat, creating a perfect environment for dangerous propane expansion.

Clean Up The Area Around The Propane Tank

This is an ideal time to make a clear path from your driveway to your propane tank so our propane delivery drivers can safely get to and access your propane tank. If your tank isn’t safely accessible, we will not be able to make the delivery.

Get rid of weeds and tall grass around the propane tank. If there are any insect nests near or on the tank, please remove them to protect our delivery crew.

Now go through the path from your driveway to the tank. Make sure that it is at least one foot wide and cut the grass on both sides of the path. Check that the path is smooth, with no roots, branches, rocks, or divots that can cause tripping.

Have questions about your propane tank? Get in touch with us. We’re happy to help!