Is Propane Environmentally Friendly?

Written on: March 20, 2023

Discover how propane can shrink your carbon footprint!

is propane eco-friendly marshall, ok In many parts of the United States, including right here in South and Central Oklahoma, citizens have been encouraged to power their homes with electricity for all uses such as home heating and water heating. This initiative is rooted in a misguided assumption that electric energy is inherently “cleaner” or more eco-friendly than propane gas.

On the contrary, this isn’t true. In the United States, electricity generated from power plants that burn fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas account for approximately half of all energy produced. In fact, electricity generating is the second-largest producer of greenhouse gases in the U.S., second only to transportation.

In comparison, propane is a clean-burning fuel that releases virtually no greenhouse gases!

Electrical transmission suffers from tremendous inefficiency. Electricity, as it journeys from the power generators to your house via electrical lines, experiences resistance, thus resulting in energy loss. It takes three units of source energy to delivering one unit of electricity into your home. To supply power to our homes, more fossil fuels must be burned, producing more carbon. 

Conversely, propane is contained in a tank placed on your premises. As it is close to the appliances, there is no energy losses from the tank.

Energy efficiency that’s good for the planet

Using propane gas in your home instead of electricity for appliances can be a great way to lower your energy usage, reducing your impact on the environment. Propane water heaters can heat more water faster than electric ones, and they do it with approximately 30% less cost. Similarly, propane clothes dryers get your laundry dried in around 25% quicker time compared to similar electric models.

Rather than being left in the cold during a power outage, propane is incredibly dependable and can serve as a great heating source for your home. The best part? You won’t be dependent on an unreliable energy grid thanks to the convenience of having your very own tank located near or at your residence! Propane doesn’t just stop there – you can also use it for water heating, cooking, and so much more.

Propane: Part of a renewable energy future

The next step in moving toward a zero-carbon future is renewable propane.

Renewable propane is an incredibly encouraging solution to reducing carbon emissions, and it can be blended with traditional propane and used in existing equipment that runs on propane without the need for modifications. Renewable propane has the same chemical structure and physical properties as conventional propane. It enables fuel producers and retailers to incorporate renewable material into their propane and vastly shrink their carbon footprint.

Renewable propane is an ideal solution as it’s methane-free and crafted from natural, renewable sources that are abundant and cost effective. If left untouched, these resources would end up in landfills emitting greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Therefore, utilizing renewable propane offers a more sustainable option while helping to reduce environmental impact!

Here are some of those resources that can instead make clean burning renewable propane.

As the renewable propane sector grows, it will be able to be utilized by more homes here in South and Central Oklahoma, allowing them to become even more ecologically friendly.

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