Discover the Many Benefits of Propane!

Written on: June 19, 2023

Propane can make your home better in so many ways

propane energy Bryan county, ok Have you been noticing more and more of your neighbors having propane tanks outside your home? There’s a good reason why you should join them: All the ways that propane can make life in your home better and save you money to boot!

Pitmon Oil & Gas offers safe, reliable, and responsive propane delivery as well as expert propane appliance installation and service. This will enable you to enjoy the many money-saving benefits and amenities that propane offers in your South or Central Oklahoma home.

Cut energy costs, not comfort

Were you aware that modern propane appliances are highly efficient with an average efficiency rating of over 90%, and some even reaching 98%? This implies that almost the entire amount of money spent on propane, up to 98 cents on each dollar, will be utilized for the purpose of the appliance, while only a negligible 2 cents will be lost during combustion.

Propane appliances are generally 40% to 60% cheaper to operate compared to their electric-powered counterparts.

This exceptional efficiency can help you reduce your energy expenses in various ways.

Propane water heaters can heat more than twice the amount of water in a given time compared to electric water heaters, and at 30% lower cost. If you opt for a propane tankless water heater, you can have unlimited hot water at your disposal while reducing your water heating expenses by about 40%.

Using a propane clothes dryer can help you save money and simplify laundry day. This is because propane dryers can dry your clothes 25% faster than electric dryers, leading to lower energy expenses.
Additionally, your clothes will experience less wear and have fewer wrinkles, which can extend their lifespan and reduce the amount of time you spend ironing. Who wouldn’t want to spend less time ironing?

Propane makes home life great

Propane has several advantages beyond just saving money, making it an excellent option for your home.

Propane tankless water heaters provide continuous hot water supply, enabling simultaneous use of appliances like a shower and a dishwasher. In addition, there’s no risk of water storage tank failure that could result in expensive home damage.

Do you prefer cooking ? Using a propane gas range will provide you with more precise temperature control than an electric range, which can elevate the quality of your meals.

Make your backyard a great place to hang out by using propane outdoor appliances. Connect your propane grill to your home’s propane tank and have the flexibility to grill whenever you want. You can create your dream outdoor kitchen! By using propane pool and spa heaters, you can quickly warm up your pool or spa, and save a considerable amount on energy costs compared to electric heaters. Additionally, propane firepits and outdoor fireplaces can create a comfortable space in your backyard, allowing you to enjoy even chilly evenings.

Enjoy all that propane can bring to your South or Central Oklahoma home with propane delivery and service from Pitmon Oil & Gas! Contact us today to get started.