Propane and Outdoor Living

Written on: May 19, 2022

Propane gives you a backyard to be proud of!

You know that propane appliances do a lot of great things in your home, like heating, water heating, and cooking.

But did you know that propane is also great outdoors? Propane’s versatility and efficiency allow it to fuel a number of propane outdoor appliances that let your backyard be the best one in your neighborhood!

Have a great outdoor kitchen

The BBQ grill is a great way to spend quality time outside at home. It’s used for quick and easy weekday meals. You can also use it for larger gatherings, such as the kids’ pool parties and family reunions. Get out of the kitchen and use a propane grill on really hot days so you don’t heat up the house. Want to be sure you always have propane for your grill? Have it connected to your home’s propane tank!

Let there be light

Gaslighting was used before there were electric lights. With charming propane-powered lights in designs to match all styles of houses, including yours, you may have the same classic warm glow in your back yard as well as your front yard.

Take a dip

A pool or spa is a significant investment. Propane makes it easier to get the most out of them! Propane pool and spa heaters maintain a pleasant temperature, allowing you to use your pool and spa sooner in the spring and later in the fall. They are also much more energy-efficient and heat the water significantly faster than electric heaters.

Come together

When you have guests and family over, propane provides pleasant, cozy areas to congregate. After dark, propane patio and deck heaters allow you to have dinner or just unwind in comfort. You can relax with friends over a glass of wine in front of a propane fireplace or around a propane firepit.

Don’t get bugged

Being outside is great. Getting eaten alive by mosquitos isn’t. Propane mosquito traps that mimic human breath to attract mosquitoes in and don’t let them out are available.

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