Propane Tanks: What’s Best for My Home?

Written on: August 23, 2021

Make Sure You Get the Right Tank for Your Home

gas tank sizes oklahomaWhether you’re converting your home to propane or need to replace your old propane tank, Pitmon can take care of you!

Our knowledgeable propane tank experts will help you every step of the way, from making sure you have the right tank style and size, to safe installation, to offering affordable propane tank leasing.

Propane Tank Q&A

Should I lease or buy my propane tank?

The average cost for the installation and purchase of a propane tank is $2,750. Underground installations can cost more than $5,000.

You’re not done paying for your installation even after it’s completed. The homeowner is responsible for maintenance and repair costs if they own their propane tank system. If the homeowner’s propane tank is deemed unsafe, then propane delivery can’t happen.

However, with our affordable leasing service for propane tanks, you are free of work and worry. We handle all your propane tank needs including maintenance and repairs.

What kind of propane tank should I have?

The type of propane tank you choose to install will depend on how much propane you’ll be needing, and how and when you plan to use it.

Horizontal propane tanks are large, high-capacity containers typically used in homes that use propane for whole-house heating. These tanks allow homeowners to reduce how often they need deliveries.

Vertical propane tanks are often installed for appliances used intermittently like clothes dryers or ranges. These small tanks blend in with the surrounding area better than larger, rectangular variations.

How big should my propane tank be?

Our propane tank size options include all shapes and sizes, so we’ll have one that meets your needs. When Pitmon’s propane experts work with you on adding a propane tank to your home, we’ll do a deep dive into your propane needs, covering the size of your home, how you use propane, how many propane appliances you have, if you plan to add living space to your home, and if you plan to add more propane appliances down the road.

These are the tank sizes we carry.

120-gallon tank. This is a smaller tank and is commonly used for heating appliances that use low-Btu propane, such as ranges, water heaters and space heaters. This tank is inadequate to provide whole house heating.

500-gallon tank. If you use propane for whole-house heating, you’ll need this size tank.

1,000-gallon tank. Though this large tank is usually for commercial purposes it can also be used in large homes which use propane for heating water, whole-house heating, cooking and high Btu appliances such as pool heaters.

Contact us to get started on adding a propane tank to your home and to learn more about propane tank leasing.