Propane Tankless Water Heater Costs

Written on: June 16, 2021

Are They Worth The Money?

water heater expenses oklahomaIf your home’s water heater is approaching, or is past, its 10th birthday, it’s time to start planning for its replacement. You don’t want to be stuck trying to figure out what to replace it with if it fails and you need to make a fast decision.

This is an opportunity to upgrade to a propane tankless water heater. Pitmon sells, installs, and services top-quality water heaters from Rinnai, and can help you get rebates to save you money.

The upfront cost of a propane tankless water heater is more than a conventional storage water heater. But the investment pays off.

The first return on your investment is in the energy savings. Water heating makes up about 20% of your home’s energy costs. Cutting that by 40% is no small chunk of change.

The second return on your investment is in life expectancy. Propane tankless water heaters can last twice as long, and even longer, as conventional storage water heaters.

Finally, a propane tankless water heater can enhance your home’s value and attractiveness if you decide to sell in the future.

Here are two other ways propane tankless water heaters are worth every penny.

Tankless Water Heater Efficiency

With a conventional storage water heater, your water heater needs to keep the water at the set temperature, so you have hot water when you need it. That means your water heater is heating your water frequently, at all hours of the day and night. That uses a lot of energy!

But a propane tankless water heater on heats water on-demand, dramatically reducing your energy usage for water heating. How much? You can save up to 40% on your energy costs for water heating.

If your current water heater is electric, converting your water heating to propane also gives you better efficiency. Propane heats twice the amount of water per hour than a comparable electric water heater.

The Comfort Of Tankless Models

You can’t put a price tag on comfort. But a propane tankless water heater makes the quality of life in your home much better.

By getting rid of the tank, your tankless water heater takes up much less room in your home. You have the freedom to install it elsewhere.

You get all the hot water you need, right when you need it. No more having to wait after someone else takes a shower for the water to heat before you can take yours. You can also take a shower while the dishwasher is running with no worries.

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