Propane vs. Electricity

Written on: October 10, 2022

Which is better for your home?

propane efficiency oklahomaRecently, more and more people have been arguing that electricity should be the single source of energy in our homes for heating, water heating, cooking, and more.

The motivation behind this movement is the false belief that switching to all-electric will be more environmentally friendly and combat climate change. If this campaign succeeds, the consequences might have a significant influence on our homes, comfort, and finances.

Propane has several benefits over electricity when it comes to keeping your home comfortable.

Advantages of propane

Energy efficiency. Appliances that use propane are more efficient than electric appliances. For example, you can heat water faster and at a lower cost with a propane water heater than an electric water heater. A propane clothes dryer will have your laundry dried in 25% less time than an electric dryer. You’ll stay comfortable while spending less on energy costs!

Superior heating. A propane gas furnace heats air to 130°F to 140°F and runs on a regular basis, producing heat that keeps you warm. Electric heating systems only raise the temperature of air to around 98.6°F, making it seem chilly when your hand is placed near the venting opening.

Reliability. Thanks to reliable propane delivery from Pitmon Oil & Gas, propane is much more dependable than electricity, especially for heating. If your home uses electricity for heating and the power goes out, you will be without heat. With a propane tank on your property, you won’t have to solely rely on electricity. This means that you’ll still be able to heat your home and cook meals even if there’s an outage. Plus, with a whole-house backup generator powered by propane, you can also keep the lights on, the security system running, and more.

Quality of life. Propane makes many appliances around your home better. A propane fireplace offers flames that look more natural and realistic, they heat your space faster, and cost much less to operate than electric models. A propane range provides precise, on-the-dime temperature control that no electric range can match. Propane tankless water heaters let you enjoy all the hot water you want whenever you want it. A propane pool or spa heater gets your water warm dramatically faster and more efficiently than electric models.

How to compare energy usage

Propane and electricity usage are measured differently. Propane is measured in BTUs while electricity is measured in kilowatts. When comparing the two, we must consider how and where they are used. Efficiency and energy consumption are calculated on a per hour basis for both electricity and propane, which aids in the conversion of total power usage by appliances.

Here’s how you can get an even calculation for these:

Do you want to know which is less expensive for you? The next step is to get a copy of your most recent electric bill. Find what you are charged per kilowatt hour. Multiply that price by 27 (which equals one gallon of propane). Now, go the U.S. Energy Information Administration page that gives the weekly per-gallon price for propane. Now you can do a head-to-head comparison.

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