Why You Need High-Quality Automotive Lubricants

Written on: September 5, 2022

You can count on Pitmon Oil & Gas!

lubricant supplier oklahomaLots of businesses here in Southern and Central Oklahoma rely in commercial vehicles and equipment to get work done. Those businesses include:

If your business uses commercial vehicles and equipment, you likely know that Pitmon Oil & Gas is the region’s leader in dependable, responsive commercial fuel services. But did you know that we also supply lubricants? We offer a wide range of lubricants, by the case or bucket, as well as drummed oil and diesel exhaust fuel (DEF).

Pitmon Oil & Gas offers several advantages over big national fuel companies for local businesses who need lubricant supply and services. Rather than feeling like a valued customer, with a national fuel company, you’re merely an account number to them. You will likely have to press “1” several times before speaking with an actual person if you need customer service. What happens if you need specialized fuel or fast delivery? Will that far-off call center be able to help you? 

At Pitmon Oil & Gas, we are dedicated to helping local businesses grow and prosper. We understand the demands of local businesses since we are one ourselves. That’s why we provide a comprehensive range of commercial fuel products and services that we know local businesses like yours need.

One of our services is in lubricants. Since we have our own fleet of fuel delivery trucks and equipment service vans, we understand completely that keeping them in good condition is essential to our serving our customers with the reliability we are known for. That is why we offer nothing but the best quality fluids and lubricants for our customers.

Why do quality lubricants matter so much? Here are three reasons.

Quality lubricants protect your investment

You spend a lot of money on your business’s fleet vehicles and equipment. Those expenditures don’t end with the purchase. You also must pay to insure, store, maintain, and repair them. Using lower quality lubricants and fluids may save you a few dollars in the short term, but it can also inhibit the performance of your vehicles and cause damage.

Quality lubricants help keep your engines running longer

Over time, moving components in the engines of vehicles and equipment wear down. However, when you use high-quality lubricants, there is less grinding of parts and those parts endure less wear and tear. Not only can this benefit the engine, but the transmission too. Fact: Regular maintenance and using high-quality lubricants can extend the lifespan of your vehicles and equipment up to 100,000 miles! Keeping your equipment and vehicles longer can save you big money in the long run.

Quality lubricants help you save money in other ways

As we have shown, by maintaining your fleet vehicles regularly and using top-quality lubricants from Pitmon Oil & Gas, you are protecting your vehicles’ engines and transmissions. That protection helps to reduce the number of breakdowns, and you will consequently lower your repair costs. Fewer breakdowns help with worker productivity as well, as their vehicles and equipment are not sidelined. High-quality lubricants help your vehicles run at their best efficiency, improving performance and efficiency while reducing fuel costs.

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