How Do I Check My Propane Tank Level?

Written on: February 7, 2022

Make getting propane easy with Pitmon’s Automatic Delivery!

propane supplier oklahomaHow do you use propane in your Oklahoma home?

You can use it in so many ways, such as home heating, water heating, cooking, fireplaces, clothes drying, space heating, and more!

Propane is an excellent energy choice for your house since it is so versatile and efficient. However, if you want to enjoy the advantages of propane, you’ll need to have it in your tank.

If you don’t use our Automatic Delivery service (which you should!), you’ll need to know how full your propane tank is so that you can call us when you need a propane delivery.

Reading your propane tank gauge is easy

Go out to your propane tank and look for the round dial on it that looks like a speedometer. The numbers on Propane Appliancesthe dial indicate the percentage of how full your propane tank is. If the needle is on 50, your propane tank is 50% full. If you use Will-Call delivery, we recommend you don’t let your tank level fall below 30% before contacting us to schedule a delivery.

Remembering to read your propane gauge isn’t easy

Reading your propane tank gauge is easy … if you remember to do it. Sometimes, you get busy with work, family, and other obligations. If you forget to check your propane tank gauge regularly, you could find yourself running low on propane. That will require an emergency propane delivery.

Worse, if you forget and run out of propane, not only will you require an emergency propane delivery, but your propane tank will need pressure testing and all of your propane appliances will need their pilots re-lit by a professional service technician. That’s a lot of trouble and expense.

With Automatic Delivery from Pitmon, you’ll never have to worry about any of that again! We use your prior usage history and current weather conditions to correctly predict when you will require a propane refill and schedule a delivery before you run low.

Get the convenience and peace of mind that come with Automatic Delivery of your propane. Contact us today to enroll!