How To Be Ready for Winter Propane Deliveries

Written on: January 16, 2023

Make sure Pitmon Oil & Gas can deliver your propane!

propane delivery oklahoma Winter weather can get pretty intense here in Oklahoma, and this year is no different, what with arctic temperatures making temperatures frigid and threats of snow and ice thanks to big storms coming off the Pacific Ocean.

That weather can wreak havoc on our lives, making commutes and errands difficult, shutting down schools, and creating other hassles. It can also impact your propane delivery.

At Pitmon Oil & Gas, we are committed to the safe delivery of propane to our customers. If our skilled and experienced propane delivery drivers cannot safely get down your driveway or to your home’s propane tank, we will not be able to deliver your propane. That could leave you in a pickle as you need that propane to keep your home warm, safe, and comfortable.

That makes clearing your driveway paramount when the weather is snowy or icy.

To ensure the safe delivery of your propane, we kindly ask that you clear your driveway to a minimum width of 10 feet. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

It is recommended that you apply de-icer or sand if your driveway is on an incline. Our delivery trucks are much heavier than the usual cars that drive down your driveway, so these precautions will help to ensure our safe navigation.

Our delivery drivers must have access to a pathway that is at least one foot wide connecting the driveway and your propane tank in order for us to fill it. To ensure they can reach the tank, please communicate with anyone hired to plow snow and make sure they don’t block this path.

If your driveway or the path to your propane tank is gated, please make sure that the gate is unlocked or that someone is on hand to let our delivery driver in.

Erect a tall pole with an eye-catching flag or ribbon affixed atop it near your propane tank. This way our delivery drivers are able to easily locate it even in poor weather.

Don’t let winter weather prevent you from receiving propane deliveries while on vacation this season! Make sure to make arrangements beforehand for snow and ice removal so that your tank can be easily accessed in case of a delivery.

Speaking of winter vacations, we ask that our Automatic Delivery customers please let us know if they are going to be away for more than a week at a time during the winter. Our calculations for when you will need a propane delivery are in part based on your propane usage history, so letting us know you’ll be away and thus using less propane may prevent an unneeded delivery to your home.

Protect your propane tank

To keep your propane tank and its components safe, it’s best to sweep away the snow after each fresh powder with a broom. Shovels can cause damage, so be sure to avoid using them.

Make sure to not let the snow pile up on top of the propane tank! Heavy snowfall can cause extreme pressure on valves and connectors, which could lead to ruptures or misalignments. Such a leak poses a critical threat if the amount of snow prevents released gas from dispersing – this will allow hazardous gases to build up dangerously. 

The propane in your tank is a liquid, and, like all liquids, it shrinks as the temperature gets colder. That shrinkage decreases the pressure inside your propane tank. In extreme cold, the pressure can get so low that the propane in the tank cannot reach your home’s propane appliances. This is why clearing away any snow around the tank is paramount. Sunlight can warm up the propane inside the tank, keeping it a safe level of pressure. Accumulated snow on the tank blocks that warmth.
You can count on Pitmon Oil & Gas for reliable propane delivery to your South or Central Oklahoma home. Become a customer today!