Refer a Friend and Get $50!

Written on: August 1, 2022

Doing a good deed gets rewarded

fuel service referrals oklahomaAt Pitmon Oil & Gas, we strive every day to make certain that you are satisfied with our propane services. Every day, our objective is to ensure that you stay that way.

Providing dependable and safe propane delivery, propane tank installation, and propane appliance installation, all done to the highest standards of quality and safety, as well as offering pricing and payment options that let you control your propane costs your way, are at the heart of our hard work to take care of our customers. It’s because we know that you’re also our neighbors, and we treat you as such.

If you are a Pitmon Oil & Gas customer and are happy with our service, we would be grateful if you could share your thoughts about it with family and friends. As a thank-you for referring people to us, we’ll offer you a reward through our Refer a Friend program!

Why do we provide these incentives? We offer them because no advertising campaign will ever compare to word-of-mouth recommendations for us in terms of effectiveness. After all, you’d trust what a friend, neighbor, coworker, or family member has to say more than an ad, right?

How Refer a Friend works

You and your friends frequently recommend things to one another, such as restaurants, businesses, events, and more. Perhaps it’s a big special on steaks at the local grocery store. You could have found a great novel for your sister’s book club to read. Perhaps you came upon a great restaurant for a friend’s anniversary dinner. Or you’re sharing the news about a concert coming to the area. 
That sharing is what our Refer a Friend program is all about. Do you know someone who is looking for propane services? They may be relocating to the city or unhappy with their current gas supplier. 
Why not share how great a service you receive from Pitmon Oil & Gas Gas? It is not only good for your friend; it is also good for you!

For each family member or friend you refer who becomes a new Pitmon Oil & Gas customer and enrolls in our Automatic Delivery plan, we will give you $50!

By the way, there is no limit to the number of rewards you can receive from us, so refer as many family and friends as you like!

Do you have questions about our Refer a Friend program? Contact Pitmon Oil & Gas and we’ll gladly answer them!