Finding A Reliable Diesel Fuel Delivery Company

Written on: April 5, 2021

You Can Count On Pitmon!

diesel delivery oklahomaSo many businesses here in our service area of South Central and Central Oklahoma rely on diesel fuels. Some of them include:

These businesses need a diesel fuel delivery service they know will get them the diesel fuel they need when they need it. For many, that company is Pitmon.

The Pitmon Difference

With Pitmon, you get the reliable supply and delivery of a big national company with the responsive, prompt service that only a local company like us can provide.

We thoroughly go over your business’s needs when it comes to diesel fuels and set up an on-site bulk delivery schedule so you have peace of mind that your diesel fuel supply is always going to be there. We provide tanks and safely install them at your site. Our delivery system is set up so that you’ll have your fuel before your workday starts. No lost productivity in waiting or having to go to a filling station.

Our staff knows this area and knows businesses like yours. We quickly and efficiently respond when you need us. Our team of trained, experienced delivery drivers will safely and promptly get your diesel fuel to you.

Another benefit of on-site diesel fuel delivery from Pitmon: On-road diesel purchased at a filling station to use on off-road equipment has a federal excise tax added to it. But the dyed off-road diesel we deliver is not taxed. That will save you money right out of the gate.

Speaking of savings, our pricing for diesel fuels is competitive, fair, and transparent. We don’t do bait-and-switch deals to lure you in, then increase your fuel prices a few months later. We also do not throw in any hidden fees.

Get easy, stress-free diesel fuel delivery service. Contact us today to get started!