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Madill: A great place to live!

Madill, the county seat for Marshall County, was founded in 1900 and chartered in 1902. The town’s primary industries were farming and ranching, thanks to good fertile land for both and the railroad in Madill, making it easy to get livestock and crops to markets. Mineral springs and oil seep north of town also grew the local economy.

Today, Madill has multiple trailer manufacturing companies that make various types of trailers, including horse trailers, livestock trailers, and cargo trailers.

Madill is home to the National Sand Bass Festival, featuring rides, concerts, food, a softball tournament, arts and crafts exhibits, and sales and turtle races.

Raymond D. Gary, the 15th Governor of Oklahoma and the first Oklahoma-born governor in the state’s history, grew up on a farm in Madill and graduated from Madill High School in 1927.
Gary served as governor from 1955–59. One of his first actions after taking office was ordering the removal of “whites only” and “coloreds only” signs from all restrooms in the state capitol building. He also made known that he intended for Oklahoma to comply with the 1954 Supreme Court ruling in Brown vs. The Board of Education of Topeka KS that declared segregation in public schools is unconstitutional. He won the passage of an amendment to Oklahoma’s constitution that ended the financing of separate schools for whites and blacks.

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Gary led and supported many efforts to improve the state’s highway system. During his term, the state Department of Transportation approved the routes for the new Interstate Highway System in the state, including Interstates 40 and 35.

Notable natives and residents of Madill include:

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