How is Commercial Propane Used?

Written on: November 7, 2022

Put propane to work for your Oklahoma business!

bulk propane oklahoma For more than 30 years, Pitmon Oil & Gas has been providing reliable fuel delivery and services to homes and businesses in South and Central Oklahoma.

We also support local businesses with our expert commercial propane services. With dependable delivery and a responsive, local team at your service, Pitmon can improve your business’s bottom line!

Propane for hospitality businesses

Tourism brings in more than $7 billion to the Oklahoma economy and generates about $569 million in tax revenue as more than 17 million visitors come here each year. Tourism and hospitality-related businesses employ more than 92,000 people.

Propane provides many benefits to businesses such as restaurants, hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, resorts, banquet facilities, and golf courses.

Propane is a gas that can power many appliances for commercial kitchens, such as cooktops and ovens, when there are no natural gas lines available. Propane-powered appliances also include broilers, water heaters, warming trays, grills, and outdoor heaters.

Hotels, inns, and bed-and-breakfasts not only use propane for cooking, but it is also ideal for high-efficiency heating, water heating, and commercial dryers. These dryers get laundry done 25% faster than electric ones while also reducing wear and tear on the laundry and wrinkles – making housekeeping work more efficiently overall.

Commercial propane generators

Power outages can have a big impact on businesses, which is why having a commercial propane generator
is so important. They help healthcare facilities keep patients safe and grocery stores keep perishable and frozen foods at safe temperatures. Additionally, propane generators make sure that HVAC systems and other essential technologies stay up and running when the power goes out.

Propane for construction

Propane enables construction sites to continue work in a number of ways, even when the temperatures drop. For example, propane can be used for interior space heating to keep materials and workers safe and outdoor ground thawing equipment so that paving and concrete work can still take place. Materials such as paint, stucco, and plaster can dry and cure properly to eliminate the prospect of these materials failing thanks to freezing and thawing.

Additionally, propane generators help charge batteries for other pieces of equipment, always keeping them ready to go.

Propane forklifts

Propane-powered forklifts offer many benefits as compared to electric or gasoline models– for example, with a propane model, you merely swap out an empty cylinder for a full one and it’s ready to work again. There’s no downtime like with electric battery recharging (which takes eight hours minimum) or the risk of messy fuel spillage which can happen with gasoline-powered forklifts. They can also be used both indoors and outdoors. Another great perk is that they’re environmentally friendly!

Propane for sand mining

Sand mining is an important part of the economy here in South and Central Oklahoma, and propane helps local sand mining operations get work done.

Pitmon delivers bulk propane to these local sand mines, creating a customized bulk propane delivery schedule that offers deliveries of up to 30,000 gallons as well as competitive pricing.

Partner with Pitmon Oil & Gas for dependable, expert commercial propane services! Contact us today to get started.