What Are Commercial Lubricants?

Written on: February 20, 2023

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lubricant supplier oklahoma Machinery and vehicles are major investments for many businesses here in South and Central Oklahoma.

Examples of this include trucks, vans, tractors, bulldozers, dump trucks, loaders, diggers, forklifts, pavers, excavators, and more. It is essential to take good care of these vehicles and equipment with not only regular maintenance but also quality commercial lubricants.

Many businesses in this area know that they can count on Pitmon Oil & Gas for top-quality lubricants and customized ordering services.

What do commercial lubricants do?

Lubricants are critical elements in managing the friction and wear between two surfaces that interact with each other. By reducing these forces, lubrication ensures less energy is required for operation, improves machine performance and extends their life span.

Not only does this lubricant fulfill its primary role of reducing friction, but it can also act as a heat conductor, work towards limiting corrosion damage and serve as an effective sealant. In addition to that, the sticky nature of this fluid traps harmful particles in mechanical systems before expelling them safely away from delicate components.

If you’re looking for a reliable lubricant supplier, Pitmon Oil & Gas has you covered. We offer drummed oil and cases/buckets of lubes along with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). DEF is a clear, non-toxic solution that helps your diesel vehicle’s SCR system reduce the amount of nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide – two greenhouse gases – from being emitted into the atmosphere. With us, you can make sure your vehicles remain in top condition while helping take care of our environment!

Trust Pitmon Oil & Gas for quality commercial lubricants

Choosing cost-saving lubricants may appear beneficial in the short run, yet it can lead to costly consequences down the road. That is due to their inability of reducing friction between movable parts. This extra friction eventually leads to damage and more frequent breakdowns that require additional maintenance expenditures.

At Pitmon Oil & Gas, exceptional quality is our number one priority. Our comprehensive range of oils and lubricants are the finest in the industry, helping to ensure that your equipment and vehicles operate at peak performance levels.

Without adequate lubrication, your machinery and equipment may unexpectedly break dow. This will lead to a decrease in productivity and an increase in work disruption. Consequently, it becomes more likely that you won’t be able to meet customer demands or quotas with such reduced output from employees. The outcomes can prove especially detrimental for any business due to the costly delays of operation as well as monetary losses.

To avoid headaches and costly repairs in the future, invest now in superior quality oils and lubricants from Pitmon Oil & Gas. This choice will prove to be invaluable for both time-saving and financial rewards down the line.

Utilizing the superior lubricants from Pitmon Oil & Gas can help extend the longevity of your vehicles and equipment, while also preventing expensive breakdowns. Our clients have been able to lower their costs by not needing to constantly replace malfunctioning parts – a testament to how effective our products truly are! With us, you’re getting an unbeatable product that pays for itself in no time at all.

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