What Are On-Road & Off-Road Diesel?

Written on: April 17, 2023

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What is diesel fuel?

Diesel fuel, derived from crude oil and crafted in petroleum plants, is divided into two types: on-road diesel and off-road diesel. In America, these fuels are known as ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) with a maximum of 15 parts per million for sulfur content.

The United States produced 1.63 billion barrels (68.35 billion gallons) in 2021.

In addition to reducing sulfur levels in diesel fuels, biodiesels derived from plant oils, animal fats and other biomass are being used as a way of decreasing emissions while at the same time lessening wear on engines. This advancement is helping make both on-road and off-road diesel more eco-friendly.

Difference between on-road diesel and off-road diesel

Although their chemical composition is the same, on-road and off-road diesel differ in terms of usage.

Cars, trucks, buses, and shuttles that travel on public roads require on-road diesel while off-road diesel is used for other vehicles and machines which do not travel on public streets.

Why is off-road diesel dyed red?

Off-road diesel vehicles and equipment, as they are not used for transport purposes, are exempt from the federal excise tax which applies to on-road diesel. Off-road diesel is distinguished from on-road diesel by its signature red hue, just like heating oil. This color helps guarantee that it will not be mistakenly used for any other purpose than what it was intended for: off-road use. Penalties for this include steep fines for each offense. Here in Oklahoma, the penalty is up to $100 for each gallon.

What vehicles use on-road diesel?

On-road diesel fuels vehicles such as commercial trucks, garbage trucks, school buses, delivery trucks, and municipal vehicles such as snow plows and dump trucks.

What vehicles and equipment can use off-road diesel?

From the construction, paving and agricultural sectors to many more, off-road diesel is used by a diverse range of industries. Equipment powered by off-road diesel includes:

Off-road diesel is not only useful for powering heavy duty equipment, but it can also be used to fuel the automated standby generators found in many health care establishments like hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. These generators offer reliable backup power during outages so that lifesaving treatments or other vital services are never interrupted.

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