What Does Diesel Fuel Power?

Written on: May 9, 2022

Pitmon Oil & Gas can meet your business’s diesel needs!

diesel fuel supplier oklahomaDiesel fuels a lot of South and Central Oklahoma businesses. And Pitmon Oil & Gas has been making sure those businesses have a dependable supply of both on-road and off-road for 30 years.

We provide comprehensive diesel fuel services tailored to your business’s needs. These services include:

Using Pitmon for your diesel supply also makes managing your fuel costs easier. Since your vehicles and equipment are fueled on-site, you won’t be dealing as much with receipts and reimbursements, and you get a more accurate view of just how much diesel fuel your vehicles and equipment are using.

On-road diesel

As its name implies, on-road diesel is used to fuel vehicles that will be driven on roadways.

School districts use on-road diesel for their fleets of school buses. Shuttle buses, box-style trucks, vans used by courier and delivery companies, trucks used by trash haulers and junk removal companies, moving vans, municipal buses and fleet trucks, and more also use on-road diesel.

Off-road diesel

Off-road diesel is used for all kinds of equipment.

Diesel is a mainstay in agriculture, powering about two-thirds of farming equipment like tractors, generators, combines, and irrigation equipment.

The construction industry uses diesel fuel more than any other industry. It powers equipment like backhoes, cranes, and bulldozers.

The mining industry here in Oklahoma also depends on diesel. It is the fuel for off-road equipment such as shovels, drills, loaders, conveyer belts, and more.

There is no difference between on-road and off-road diesel fuel except the color. Off-road diesel fuel is dyed red to distinguish it from on-road diesel. This is because, since off-road diesel is used for equipment that doesn’t use roadways, it is not subject to traditional fuel taxes that are applied to on-road diesel and gasoline.

This makes off-road diesel more affordable. However, if you are caught using off-road diesel for on-road vehicles, you’ll face some stiff penalties. In Oklahoma, the fine is $10 per gallon or $1,000 per violation. And you may face federal charges as well.

Get the most reliable delivery of on-road and off-road diesel fuels. Contact Pitmon Oil & Gas to get started!