Propane: A Great Choice To Power Your Construction Site

Written on: October 19, 2020

propane for construction oklahoma

Discover how propane can help build your business!

You have a lot going on at your business’s construction sites. On any given day, there can be electricians, carpenters, plumbers, masons, and other pros hard at work on your project.

But if you don’t have a dependable source of power, all that work can slow down… or stop completely. And that not only costs you time, it costs you money.

When it comes to versatility and efficiency, there is nothing like propane power for your construction site. And here in south and central Oklahoma, Pitmon Oil & Gas is the region’s leader in propane delivery and service for construction businesses like yours!

Our commercial propane experts can thoroughly go over your construction business’s needs and set up propane delivery and service so you can get your work done more efficiently to maximize profits.

What can propane do on your construction sites? Here are some examples.

Keep Your Jobsite Safe And Warm

Propane temporary heaters allow your workers do their jobs productively in safety and comfort when cold weather hits. They also make sure that a space stays at a proper temperature for materials like concrete, joint compound, and stucco to cure and paint to dry. You can also use propane temporary heating to protect against frozen pipes.

Power Your Equipment Cleanly And Safely

So many types of equipment that can be run on propane. Those include:

Some of these pieces of equipment operate using propane cylinders, which makes refilling a snap – just take out the empty propane cylinder and replace it with a full one. You not only save money and time; you and your workers don’t have to deal with filling the tank yourself. And you have no worries about spills.

Propane has much fewer emissions than gasoline or diesel. So, the air at your construction site will be cleaner and safer for your workers. Propane’s clean burning can also score you points with clients who are environmentally conscious.

Emergency Backup Power That’s Safe And Easy

Propane generators can keep the lights on, the heaters operating, and powers tools running. And propane can do all of that with lower emissions and less noise compared with gasoline or diesel generators.

Another benefit that propane generators offer? Propane does not go bad and can run in any weather.

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